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Thermal Solar

Solar Thermal – for heating & hot water



Solar energy is an unlimited resource that is free from harmful emissions and waste. Solar collectors on the roof of a building harness the sun’s rays to heat water which is then stored in a well insulated cylinder ready to be used for hot water or heating. Solar thermal systems can be installed both onto a roof or integrated into a roof on homes, commercial properties, new or existing buildings. Once installed, solar thermal systems have virtually no running costs and as well as financial savings can cut your carbon footprint. They also add to the value of your property and qualify for financial reward through the Renewable Heat Incentive.



Types of Solar Thermal Systems



Collectors can be flat plate or evacuated tube with the total area dependent on the property’s hot water needs, roof aspect and property location. It is not just south facing roofs that can be utilised; considerable gain can be made from both east and west facing roofs. Mounting systems are designed to provide ease of installation whether fully integrated or an “on roof” system.



NIBE Solar FP215P_PL




  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint


Solar energy is typically utilised for hot water, however it can be used to provide heating too. Where the solar hot water cylinder is fully charged or the energy gain is low the solar energy can be delivered into the heating system of the property instead.