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Referral Rewards Program

With our Referral and Rewards program you could earn up to £2000 in cash payments

At The Eco Home Group we recognise and understand the value and importance of referred business and for most companies it is the most effective way to grow and develop future business. We also recognise that customers wish to be rewarded for the referrals that they pass to us and that is why we have created our referral and rewards program.


By referring just six customers that go on to install a product with us you could receive a referral reward of £2000*. You rewards increase every time your referred customers install a product within our “Inspiring Energy Efficient Homes” range.


So how does it work?



You  do not have to be a customer to earn rewards with us. Just send us your referral customer details and we will do the rest. Once the referred customer has been installed we will pay you your reward direct to your bank. Many of our customers use this as a steady income stream – Why don’t you?



If you are an existing customer you can earn up to £2000 from just six referred and installed customers. This will considerably reduce the cost of the system that you have had installed. How much would that increase your return on investment of your installed product? Click the button below and send us your first referral.

£2000 in referral rewards cash paid direct to your bank


Each time that you refer a customer that has a product installed from our wide range your rewards and referral fee increases up to a maximum of £2000 in total.


So here how it works


Referral 1 = £100

Referral 2 = £200

Referral 3 = £300

Referral 4 = £400

Referral 5 = £1000


That’s a total of £2000 cash rewards just by referring six customers to us who have a successful installation. 


  • For Solar PV we pay £100 per referral that we install