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Icynene Spray Roof Foam – A typical installation

Icynene Spray Roof Foam Insulation from The Eco Home Group

A typical installation from the Eco Home Group. The Eco Home Group provide a free no obligation service to assess your home for the suitability of the Icynene Spray Roof Foam Insulation product.



A typical Installation will take approximately 3-5 hours to complete and is fairly hassle free as all the work is completed in your loft. Once our team arrive they will be heating up the Icynene product in our application lorry. While the Icynene product is reaching temperature our skilled team will lay protective sheets in your hall way and up your stairs.



As soon the the sheets have been laid and the product has been heated the spraying can commence.  Our Icynene application team will spray between your rafters and if you have an interest we will even film the installation and show your roof being applied.



Once the roof has been sprayed and the job is completed we will remove all of our dust sheets and leave your home in a first class condition.






Icynene is a water blown product and not chemically blown




Icynene is completely water blown. This means the chemical expansion is caused by the carbon dioxide generated between the water and isocyanate material. Icynene® will not emit any harmful gases once cured.




Unlike other spray foam insulations material Icynene® will not give off gas over time. Icynene® contains no ozone depleting substances and will maintain its efficiency with no loss of R-Value for the life of the install. This consistent R-Value and air barrier means energy savings are consistent throughout the life of the building and further insulation will not be needed and Icynene® won’t need to be upgraded in the future. The longevity of icynene continues to reduce the impact on the environment for the future.



Due to Icynene‘s ability to expand up to 100 times and fill every gap in the building envelope, you can rest assured allergens and pollutants will not find their way in to your home for the future of the building.








Icynene contains no CFCs. Chlorofluorocarbons were developed in the 1930s and are now the main cause of the ozone depletion. CFCs can last for 100 years; 1 CFC molecule can result in the loss of 100,000 ozone molecules so it’s vitally important that we don’t add to this.




Icynene contains no HCFCs. Although they cause less harm to the environment than CFCs they still damage the ozone layer. We simply don’t use these in any Icynene product.




Icynene doesn’t contain formaldehyde. There is no reason to be worried about exposure to formaldehyde from Icynene spray from insulation. Formaldehyde is not used as an ingredient in the manufacture of Icynene spray foam insulation. Formaldehyde became linked to spray foam insulation because a common, early generation type of foam was formed using formaldehyde and it contained substantial levels of residual formaldehyde. Icynene products are polyurethane not urea-formaldehyde foams and formaldehyde is not used to manufacture this type of foam. Highly sophisticated and reputable third party laboratories have tested Icynene spray foam insulation for levels of formaldehyde numerous times over the years. You can be certain that formaldehyde is not an ingredient in Icynene spray foam insulation.





Icynene Spray Foam

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Icynene Spray Foam

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