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Energy Saving Products

Enhance your Solar Panels system to the max!

We are pleased to offer a solar panel upgrade kit that includes 3 amazing energy saving, energy diversion and solar panel monitoring system benefits.


 The Vphase reduces your voltage intake into your home – Saving you approximately 10% on your annual electricity bills


The Solar iBoost uses your spare solar electricity gain to heat your hot water for free


The GEO SOLA 11 gives you live and instant usage updates both via a desktop reader and by an on-line portal



For any customer considering installing a solar pv system on their property or for customer who have already installed solar pv – This 3 in 1 system will save you money on your energy bills, divert unused electricity to heat your hot water + reduce the power consumption in your home + with the Geo Sola monitor will advise you when and how much electricity you are generating from your panels.



We are pleased to offer all 3 systems fully installed in your home for only £1245


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