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Air Source Heat Pump

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By considering an air source heat pump you could reduce your energy bills by up to 65-70%. Our air source heat pumps offer both heating and cooling functions as well as dehumidifying options. Heat pumps are a cost effective option for heating your home.

There are lots of available alternatives today that are proven to be reliable in saving energy. These can be a great choice when it comes to efficiency and helping the environment. One of these is the air to air system which is cost effective in providing a heating source. The function of this is by absorbing the heat from the air outside and then releasing it into buildings or homes. The air that it releases provides heat, hot water and even air conditioning during summer season. Compared to other heating systems, this can generate lesser CO2 and it does not require too much maintenance that makes it reliable to use.

The air source system contains several types of properties to make it more suitable upon installation. The system has similarities to air conditioning units since this is also being put outside the house. There are two options available of air source system in the market containing different functions. The first one is the air-to-air and the second one is the air-to-water. The air to air is more focused in producing warm air to fans in heating a property but this does not mean that it can produce a hot water. While the air to water type of system has an ability to distribute more heat in a conventional way with the help of the wet central heating system.

The air source system functions with the use of air source heat pumps. This pumps helps in extracting warm air from the outside and then in return provides homes warmth and hot water. It’s a great source in getting a renewable energy and in away in helping the environment. The installation process is simple and easy and this can be done with the service from the experts.

Having this type of system contains a lot of benefits that people can consider. Compared to the traditional type of heaters this can help in lessening the energy consumption. Using this allows both the user and the environment to benefit from it. The system does not require any gas to function it only needs an electric supply. Having this is much safer to use without any risk involve. Another good thing about the air source system is it is available for heating and cooling. Its flexibility makes it very useful in summer and winter seasons.

Cost Efficient Operation


With the heat pump around, it can lower the operation cost. Purchasing this can be a good option since it has a longer life span and there is not much maintenance needed. In an estimated average of an air source system it can extend a period of 20 years or more before it is being replaced. Using heat pumps as an air source delivers a longer period of heat temperature than the traditional type of heating system. Especially during winter season it essential to provide warmth to the house. Having all of this benefit can be a good source of information in opening the minds of people about the benefits that air source system can bring. Combined with the advancement from technology in bringing energy efficiency this can be the right choice.

Prices start @ £2995 full installed

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